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Classic Raku Adult Urn:



This absolutely beautiful and hand-crafted stainless steel urn features a classic design with an elegant raku finish. The colors and patterns on each urn will vary, due to the handmade nature of each structure. Raku is an art form that includes firing the urn within flames to give it its colorful finish. This allows the urn to display rustic colors that are painted on to it.


Features a standard threaded lid to ensure that your loved ones ashes will not be disturbed after they are laid to rest.

  • Constructed in a classic urn shape that allows you to hold your loved one in an entirely elegant urn.
  • Capacity: 200 cubic inches. (200lBS)
  • Dimensions: 10.6"H x 6"W.
  • Free engraving included.
  • Please allow extra 1-2 business days to engrave.​​​​​​​

Classic Raku Adult Urn

SKU: 2930L
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