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Adorable Cremation Urns For Your Pets

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Unique Pet Cremation Urn Options

When you are a pet owner, you often create and share an incredibly close and personal connection with your faithful companion, that is sometimes stronger than the connections you make with the human beings around you. Along with this intense connection, comes the truly hard grieving process that you have to endure when your beloved pet passes away. Losing a treasured and adored pet can almost feel as though you have lost a loved one. It is never an easy process and can leave the individuals who lost the pet feeling completely empty and alone.

At the Paradise Urn Company, we want to make it possible for pet owners to pay tribute to and create a special memorial in memory of their special pet. We offer a large variety of pet cremation urns that you can completely customize with any special design that you may have in mind. Our urns are available in a myriad of different designs, materials, and sizes. We also have the option to provide you with urns that have a built in picture frame attached to it, allowing you to display a picture of the pet you so dearly miss and want to remember.

Paradise Urn Company’s wide selection of pet urns are the perfect memento to display around your house. Our urns can also make for incomparable gifts to friends or family members that are currently struggling with the loss of a pet. Here are just a few of the many amazing pet urn options that we can offer to you!

Raku Paw Cremation Urn

The Raku Paw Cremation Urn is one of our newest designs that have been released for our customers to utilize as a special pet memorial. This urn is made completely out of bronze, fired in a kiln, and left out to oxidize, leaving this urn displaying a wide array of unique and beautiful colors. This urn comes adorned in hand-etched paw prints that run across the front of it.

Cherry Pet Cremation Urn

The Cherry Pet Cremation Urn is one of our most popular urns, as it comes with a small picture frame that allows buyers to display a picture of their beloved pet. This urn is a wooden box that is stained in a rich, cherry hue. The Cherry Pet Cremation Urn is the perfect urn to display your cherished pet around your home.

Pet Cremation Urn Odyssey

The Pet Cremation Odyssey Urn is incredibly simple, yet classic pet urn. This small and sleek urn comes in a metallic hue, giving off a completely timeless look. With a large paw print on the top of the threaded lid closure, anyone who enters your home will be able to recognize it as the special item that holds your beloved pet.

At Paradise Urn Company, our wonderful and superb selection of pet urns range far and wide. We are positive that you will be able to find the perfect one to fulfill your pet memorial wants and needs.

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