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Pet Cremation Urns

Paradise Urn Pet Cremation Urns


Most individuals have a four legged friend that are an irreplaceable part of their family. When these beloved family members make their way across the rainbow bridge, pet owners want to have a special way to remember their treasured pet. Storing your pet’s ashes in an individualistic urn is a wonderful way to celebrate their life and truly remember the happiness that they brought you on a daily basis. Here at Paradise Urn Cremation Urns, we have created a unique and distinctive line of pet urns that have the ability to truly memorize your passed family member. 


What Size Urn Should I Select For My Pet? 


Understanding which size urn to choose for your pet is crucial when purchasing and selecting your memorial. Here at Paradise Urn, we provide our customers with a specialized rule for when they are choosing their pet’s new urn. The general rule is: for every pound that your pet weighed, you will need one cubic inch of space in the urn, including an extra 10 cubic inches to allow for extra room for your pet’s ashes to lay accordingly. For example, if your bunny rabbit weighed 7 pounds, you should try to find an urn that can hold about 17 cubic inches. 


At Paradise Urn, we offer our clients a wide selection of pet cremation urns in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We understand that every pet is unique in their own exceptional and special way and recognize that pet owners want to have the opportunity to remember their pet’s as they were when they were alive. This is the reasoning behind our large selection of readily available urns. The pet-loving family here at Paradise Urn Company has even made it entirely free for our customers to engrave the name of their pet on their new urn, allowing them to have the freedom to write whatever nickname or saying that may remind them of their passed pet. 

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