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Metal Cremation Urns

Metal Urns 


After you have parted with a dear friend or a beloved family member, preserving their ashes within a metal cremation urn is a beautiful way to preserve their spirit. Metal cremation urns are one of the most popular and timeless products that allow you to hold your passed loved one close to you. While keeping their memory alive and honored for the future generations of your family and inner circle to remember and reminisce upon. Metal cremation urns are truly unique and distinctive from other urns, in the sense that they are produced by hand and are made of incredibly durable materials and can be well preserved for an immensely long time. 


Here at the Paradise Urn Company, we offer our customers a wide variety of metal cremation urns that they can choose from, as we want to make this difficult transition of losing a loved one as seamless and simple as possible. As one of the most well-known and prevalent materials that cremation urns are made out of, our urns come readily available in a wide variety of differential materials. From brass to bronze to copper and highly durable aluminum, the Paradise Urn Company can utilize any type of metal to make your loved one's cremation urn one that is as memorable as they were throughout their entire lifetime. 


The rise in Popularity of Metal Cremation Urns 


At Paradise Urn Company, our cremation urn specialists have an exceptional understanding of the differential trends that arise within the market, creating an exclusive and vast selection of metal cremation urns that you can choose from. Metal has become an unbelievably common and admired material option for cremation urns to be made out of. This is due to the fact that metal urns are resilient, decorative, available at affordable prices, and elegant. Our customers have the opportunity and the option to create a completely unique urn to hold their passed loved ones. From coating to paint color to finishing, Paradise Urn Company’s patrons are able to give life to their loved one's urn, providing a unique sanctuary where you and your close family and friends can celebrate your passed loved one. 


Picking Out an Urn By a Specific Style or Theme 


Metal urns are inherently beautiful as metal provides urns are incredibly elegant and sophisticated. With metal cremation urns, the differential designs and possible themes that can be etched onto the metal urn are endless. 

The various types of metals that our metal urns are available in allow you to specially choose what kind of sophistication and class you want your loved one's urn to embody. Many of the metal urns that are available at the Paradise Urn Company are able to be etched with personal sayings and dates, allowing family and friends to write special messages on their passed loved one's urn. If the metal urn that you want does not have the option for you to engrave directly on the outer metal casing, we are able to include an engraved metal pendant that will be securely fastened onto the urn of your loved one. A wide selection of the metal cremation urns that we have readily available for our customers come with threaded lids that allow for the urn to be secured and fastened, allowing you to have peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones ashes will be stored safely. 


For any questions regarding our selection of metal cremation urns, please feel free to contact the urn specialists here at Paradise Urn Company. 

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