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About Urns


Cremation urn size,


Before purchasing an urn it is important to know the size you need.  We do offer various size's urns up to 350 cubic inch volume. The majority of urns in the industry are between 200-220 cubic volume.

Each pound of body weight equals one cubic inch volume in the urn.

  150 lbs = 150 cubic inches.


Urn storage,


Depending on where you plan to place the urn may change the options you have. If you are going to place the urn in a columbarium. It would be important to know all the dimensions inside the columbarium. If the urn were to be placed at home or on display then most anyone would be fine.



  • We do offer to engrave, add two business days to proof, and complete the engraving.

  • Some of the urns are not engravable and an engravable pendant is included.

  • We would recommend a local engraver be contacted to personalize your urn if the options are not available.

  • We can engrave in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese.  Please inquire if you have questions as soon as possible.

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