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About us..

We have been there enough to know what counts.

The idea of Paradise Urn Company started after the sudden loss of my father in 2016 at 51.

At the time I was working at a funeral home and cemetery. Which didn’t change any of the difficulty in the process. The search through countless urn and casket catalogs at the funeral home just caused more confusion. Then there are the small aspects of the service food, flowers, obituary, slide shows, photos, plots, and so...  much more.


Regretful to say we left the funeral home with my father in a plastic temporary urn. 

The irony of being in the funeral industry and still not finding the right vessel did cause more frustration. That’s the point I decided I would help the families that I had been serving, with what industry knowledge I knew.

  In 2019 Paradise Urn Company began, and so did the search for the perfect urns.  Our purpose is to provide the most meticulous collection of well-designed urns from around the world available to everyone.  


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